B. Brandon Mackie, CFP®

Managing Associate
Investment Advisor Representative

Over the past 20 years and a blend of personal and professional experiences, I have developed a true passion for financial planning. These experiences led me to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, a trusted advisor to clients and an advocate for the financial planning industry.

I recognize how financial empowerment changes people’s lives, especially my own and my loved ones’. However you define financial empowerment and success…whether it’s to better understand your financial life today, reduce the anxiety and challenges money can create, or wanting to partner with a professional who can better manage your financial life…if you’ve recognized the need for a partner and a plan, my mission is to relentlessly pursue making you feel confident and happy in your decision to trust me as your financial advocate and guide.

Our mutual success includes participation by everyone included in your financial life, and is preferably completed through small changes over a long period of time. My contributions to your empowerment begin with the “fiduciary standard of care” and always include empathy, objectivity, proactive communication, and candor. Based on your plan, we may also include how best to fund retirement, education costs, caring for a family member, scheduled vacations and unscheduled expenses.

I’ve personally experienced and successfully navigated through substantial credit card debt, buying a first home, owning rental property, caring for a terminally-ill parent, the loss of a parent, inheriting assets (and managing the tax liability that accompanies those assets) and managing the household finances for the surviving spouse.

My work ethic and passion underscore a burning desire to build success in the lives of clients as well as my own family. My combination of industry experience, client experience, personal experience, and technical expertise allow me to provide sound advice and superior service.

My Path To Felton & Peel

My journey towards financial planning started from the most humble and resonant of places: the family kitchen table. My parents grew up with meager means, but worked tirelessly their whole lives to progress from lower class to middle class. Seated together around that trusty piece of furniture, I participated in and learned about their financial lives at an early age. Although not on the menu, the fundamentals for financial independence were served at every meal.

I graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a Bachelor of Science degree with majors in Management and Finance. Over the course of my professional career, I’ve covered a wide spectrum within the financial services profession, including Institutional trading, Banking, Private Wealth Management and Financial Planning.

Felton & Peel offers me the ability to create deep, long-term relationships and develop dynamic, hand-crafted plans with my clients. The firm’s open architecture allows me to utilize the fundamentals of financial planning, use industry-leading technology and produce positive, authentic work that allows me to be myself. In this environment, on this platform, I can do what I’ve always wanted, and that’s a dream come true.

Providing clarity and financial literacy forms the bedrock of everything we do here at Felton & Peel, and within my role as Managing Associate, I welcome the opportunity to transform your concerns and questions into manageable, incremental steps we take together, over time, to move you towards your financial success and stability. As a team, we all share a passion for helping people through financial planning and through volunteering. The core values of Felton & Peel align with my own personal set of beliefs.

Professional Certifications, Industry Associations & Philanthropy

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Financial Planning Association, Georgia Chapter; Board of Directors

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A Community Effort (ACE), a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit; Board of Directors

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A Little More About Me

All these years later, that same oak table where I sat with my parents and discussed the family finances is now the kitchen table for my own family.

I live in Cobb County, GA (Kennesaw) with my wife, and our young son. Like my father, my wife teaches high-school at KMHS. (Go Mustangs!). We love it here in West Cobb and look forward to growing with our community.

The last “hobby” I spent spare time on was learning how to ride and work on a motorcycle. These days I enjoy safer past time activities like dodging footballs thrown by my son and losing footraces in the house. I love podcasts, especially from Michael Kitces, Josh Brown, Barry Ritholtz, Malcolm Gladwell and Joe Rogan.

Ten years ago, my mother lost her battle with ALS. It was, without question, the most impactful event of my life. The ripples from her passing and not being here are felt every day by me, my father, my family and by everyone who knew her. Her entrepreneurial spirit and belief that it’s better to “prepare” than “repair” inspires me daily.

Felton and Peel Appointments

We strive to make connecting as easy as possible. Here are a few options: brandon@feltonandpeel.com, 404-840-2557, virtually via Zoom or Skype, or let’s set aside a time with the options below.

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