About Felton & Peel

Felton & Peel Wealth Management brings together two tenured financial professionals who strive to do things differently; offering more than five decades of combined experience with a deep sense of passion and integrity for everything we do. We proudly share our wealth of knowledge to help you take control of your financial future in a way that feels authentic and uplifting.

Our firm was founded on two core principles. Firstly, to provide comprehensive financial planning the non-traditional way through an accessible and affordable subscription service. Secondly, we believe that creating, implementing, and monitoring a comprehensive financial plan is the primary step to ensuring you attain financial success that is built to withstand all economic cycles.

No task is too great or too small for us – we are driven only by our genuine desire to help you start making your money accomplish the things you really want it to.

As an independent, fee-based financial planning practice, we relish our freedom to create unique financial plans that serve YOUR best interests, not ours – a promise we are legally bound to as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and fiduciaries. We’re not a part of a large machine simply looking to make a profit. Instead, we champion the unique dreams of each individual client, and fully advocate for your goals.

Roll With Us

We work with emerging affluents to the wealthy across a wide range of professions and life stages. There is no typical F&P client—instead, we seek to provide the highest quality financial planning to those who are slowly being priced out by traditional wealth management firms. In addition, we are fairly confident that it will be hard to find a comparable firm where you can work DIRECTLY with some of the top financial planners in the country.

We offer an intensely personal service delivered on a relatable level, and in a fun, collaborative yet comprehensive manner. When you speak, we listen. We tune in to your story and help unravel its many complex threads, weaving them back together in a way that is personal to you and your goals. Our financial plans are designed to evolve with your needs, guiding you safely through life’s many differing chapters.

Nothing brings us more pleasure than watching our clients light up with the realization that they CAN build the financial future they’ve been dreaming of, safely guided by an expert they trust to advocate for their needs at every eventuality. That’s what Felton & Peel is all about: bringing you a lasting sense of financial literacy and confidence, and building long-term relationships that enable us to walk with you every step of the way.

We’re also deeply passionate about philanthropy and supporting both our local and wider communities. As such, we will be giving 5% of our net revenue to a public charity annually. Additionally, as individuals we are each heavily involved with a wide range of philanthropic and charitable endeavours. Giving back in meaningful ways is a fundamental tenet of the Felton & Peel belief system.

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A Name With Meaning

We are often asked where the names Felton & Peel came from, and it’s a story we’re proud to tell. Though none of our team shares these names, they evoke deep meaning for us all, and their resonance upholds the integrity and passion with which we approach everything we do.

In 1987 at just six years old, Malik S. Lee, Founder and Managing Principal of Felton & Peel, tragically lost both of his parents to terminal illnesses 30 days apart from each other. The Firm’s name was created to honor Malik’s late parents: Vernon Felton Lee and Eryca Peel.

It’s ironic, but your typical wealth management firm is usually named after its founders, or some very rich person, but not Felton & Peel. It was named after two hard working lower to middle class people who, if they were alive today, would need a firm like ours to help ensure that they too can receive highly professional and expert advice with comprehensive financial planning.

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Felton & Peel Wealth Management is an investment advisor registered pursuant to the laws of the states of Georgia and New York

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