Lewis E. Peeples

Director of Client Relations

My mission at Felton & Peel Wealth Management is to create new and innovative concepts and support our clients as they make some of the biggest decisions when it comes to protecting their financial and personal lives.

In my role as Director of Client Relations I help individuals and families establish plans for risk management that will enable them to work confidently toward a better life, safe in the knowledge that they have adequate protection for their assets. I take great pleasure in showing people how to create positive developments in a critical area of their lives that may be tremendously underserved.

I’m driven by the ability to meet people, build relationships and help eliminate any concerns that one may have as they go through the financial planning process. The satisfaction I get from learning what matters to people and working to create solutions is what gets me out of bed every morning. Building lifelong relationships and the personal lessons I learn from working with others is a facet of my role that never fails to bring a smile to my face and fill me with gratitude.

I am a person with strong sense of community that serves with a sense of compassion and integrity. I have always had the ability to motivate others and one of the key components to success in this industry is not only educating and providing solutions but also creating a desire to take action.

Professional Background

I have a Mathematics degree from Benedict College, and a Masters in Project Management from Keller Graduate School. Upon graduating, I spent three years in the United States Army working as a Communications Officer and two years in the U.S. Army Reserve. This experience helped build the skills I now bring to the table every day at Felton & Peel.

Since leaving the army I have worked in a wide range of roles within the finance industry, all of which have help bolster my passion for providing financial literacy and confidence to the wide range of clients we serve here today.

I consider it a great honor to have served my country in the army, and continue to feel honored as I serve in another way, helping people take control of their financial lives in a way they can feel really positive about. I love nothing more than to use my unique skills and experience to help people realize they really CAN create the financial life they’ve been dreaming of.

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A Little More About Me

I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my wife Veronica, and have three daughters. In my spare time I am an avid cyclist, and am a member of the Metro Atlanta Cycling Club. I also enjoy volunteering and philanthropy to help support my community, and am actively involved with the Hawk Alumni Scholarship Fund at my hometown school in Blackville, SC. Lastly, I am also a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Felton and Peel Appointments

I strive to make connecting as easy as possible. Email me at lewis@feltonandpeel.com, or call 770-314-9080. You can also book an appointment below to meet with me virtually, or in person if you’re in the Atlanta, GA area.

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