Our Approach

We approach your finances in the same way that we approach our own: thoughtfully and holistically. We have a depth of experience cultivated through being a part of our client’s many complex life transitions – like major job changes, launching kids into adulthood, unexpected loss, understanding investments and so much more.

It Starts and Ends With You

Learning from our clients is a result of listening, paying attention, and meeting with you regularly. By working to understand your underlying motives, hopes, and concerns, we can help you with your financial decision-making more effectively. Through getting to know you and forming a clear understanding of your unique story, we are able to connect your financial goals with your life goals in a way that fosters confidence and security.

We see each personal situation like a puzzle, and you can’t put a puzzle together without looking at the picture first. Our job is to help you put that picture in focus. It doesn’t always happen right away, but over time the picture becomes clearer, and the pieces fall right into place seamlessly.

It’s important to pay attention to more than just money and investments, as they can often influence major financial decisions in more ways than one might expect. This is what real financial planning is all about; when your money is aligned with you and your families’ vision. Is it time to put the pieces together? Let’s get started.

planning philosophy


At Felton & Peel we see a trend happening. We see technology being introduced to this industry that is not only driving down the cost for consumers, but lowering the barrier of entry as well. Therefore, people are not all receiving the same level of expert advice.

Though technology has enhanced the asset management experience, receiving high quality comprehensive financial planning is still a highly skilled human art. The human element is essential to help you navigate the many uncertainties within planning such as your longevity, swings in the economic cycle, market returns and emotional estate planning decisions.

We focus on managing the things that we can control with sound advice and guidance. In addition, we believe that comprehensive financial planning is a marathon not a race. We are well aware that life happens and you know what? Sometimes it just never stops happening. As such, we have chosen to use a monthly subscription based model so you are always ready for whatever life throws at you.

By meeting with us to construct your personalized financial plan, not only will your plan indicate to us when you will need to use your funds, but it will also show us what you will need the cash for, and which accounts to draw from each year. Financial planning, when done properly and thoroughly, is not something that can be done on an hourly basis or through an overnight one time plan. We strongly believe that it is a process, not an event.

investment philosophy


We are not investment managers or insurance agents pretending to be financial planners. Nor do we want investment results dependent on someone’s ability to pick stocks, identify market trends, or “time the market”.

With more than 50 years of combined experience at our firm, we believe that the most vital component to having successful finances overall, is to control your spending before and during retirement while keeping pace with broad market returns.

We know that this sounds simple, but sticking to a comprehensive financial plan is easier said than done. To assist you in growing your wealth, we believe that portfolios are best constructed using exchange traded funds as well as individual bonds and CDs. That’s why we recommend a selection of index funds that are: low-cost, tax-efficient, diversified w/ balanced risk exposure, and a long-term buy-and-hold approach.

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Our Process

At Felton & Peel Wealth Management we closely follow the process set forth by the CFP Board. Our wealth management process is as follows:

step one


We’ll meet with you face to face in one of our office locations, or even in your own home. We can also offer telephone meetings, or virtual meetings via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime. We use our initial meetings to discuss your goals and decide if our planning process and investment philosophy fits with what you are looking for.
step two


The list can go on and on with the different types of financial accounts or liabilities one may have, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. By helping you get organized, we will take a thorough look at what you have or don’t have to get a good understanding of your current financial picture and build the perfect foundation to grow from.
step three


By now we’ve done a huge amount of work isolating and understanding your needs and objectives, and getting you organized. Now it’s time for us to take an in-depth look at everything to analyze your weaknesses and strengths, and devise a clear and comprehensive plan of action that is uniquely tailored to your personal needs.
step four


We will construct a comprehensive cash flow-based financial plan giving us your roadmap, and creating our firm’s Living Asset Allocation so you can take specific steps with your money to achieve what’s important to you. We’ll look at the various paths you could take to reach your goals, then choose what works best. We carefully craft a clear and structured process, enabling us to effectively support and guide you towards success.
step five


In most cases, this step is either overlooked or undervalued by the client. Most people feel that the financial plan has all the answers, when in most cases it is only a guide that, throughout life, will need constant updating. Depending on what goals or areas of need we uncover, this is also a place in the process that varies with completion timeframes. Hence, why we have structured our firm to assist you completely through this process.
step six


During this stage, we assess and evaluate as your life, economic and market conditions change. You’ll have access to great online tools to track your progress and we’ll talk and meet regularly to keep you on track with your comprehensive financial plan. You should also keep in mind that whether something unexpected happens or you simply change your mind, we want to ensure that your plan continues to move and adjust along with you.
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